Cleaning and Tire Trouble

Last week and this week have been clean out time! We cleaned out our midroom, garage, and finally the basement. The kids were thrilled to have lots of junk and old toys to play with πŸ˜‰ C is making use of a few of my childhood treasures. 

E wanted to try them on too. πŸ˜‹

This is how I found C sleeping the other night. 

And E the next morning. This kid always sleeps with one leg propped up. 

We made tye dye shirts with our school group Thursday morning, stopped at the store for chocolate chips, made it back home but stopped to check the van’s tire pressure and a tire air valve broke off! Argh! So we spent a few hours getting that fixed but the kids had fun playing in boxes and collecting rocks while we waited. Also we did eat some of those chocolate chips to keep us going. πŸ˜‰ 

Finally made it home for dinner and packing. This morning we are heading to Baltimore for a visit to see my sister! 

St. Louis Day 2

We had a rough night sleeping, due to loud neighbors and the sloped campsite. J and I kept having to pull the kids and their sleeping bags up all night, they kept slipping down the slope to the bottom of the tent! 

It was a chilly

Morning and C kept himself warm by dashing around. 

We cooked breakfast, ate, bought wood, and made a fire. Then set out! E made a friend at this playground.

Playing card games back at the campsite. It was a hot day but in the shade it felt fine. 

Examining moths at the restrooms.

E on another playground.

Playing with the dinner fire.

Uncle J feeding baby bird E.

The marshmallow was too sticky for him to hold. πŸ˜‰ 

Cooking and playing with fire. So safe.

We invited friends over for a luxurious camp dinner. C was delighted to have a little playmate. πŸ™‚ 

That night I slept better and since we’d moved the tent to a less sloped area on our site, there was far less sliding while slumbering. The next morning we needed to get an early start so we packed up while the kids snoozed. 

Nothing like taking down the campsite without waking the neighbors. πŸ˜‰ 

E didn’t want to wake up! 

C was ready to go though! 

They both napped on the way back home. πŸ™‚ 

St. Louis Day 1

We managed to make it on the road a mere 1 hour past our goal time. So yay! This was our lunch on the way.

Made it to City Museum! 

Climbing down.

Climbing up! 

J down on the ground, offering me sweet tea as E and I explored the whale.

E accepted the tea.

And was delighted with it!

The whale and my people on its back.

Exploring with C.

Donuts! They make delightful little donuts for you here.

E coming down a slide.

A boy and his flashlight.

E eventually assumed this position for every slide. Must have seemed safer to him. πŸ™‚ 

Running around! 

The kids both loved this area!


Almost there!

The other on running.

He made it!

Alas, slippage!

But it was fun!

And of course: pinball. 

My little hamsters, spinning the wheel.

E was sure we were all just taking a photo of him instead of cheesing for a family portrait. Afterward he asked to see “his picture”. 

C and a giant propeller.

A boy and his dad.

Leaving to meet a friend for dinner and then for the campground! This is C’s new headband.

And E wearing double sunglasses.

And this is how we felt the next morning while eating breakfast. 

The end of May

We were getting ready to leave the house and this kid decides to dress up in his hat and my clothes. Classy choice.

We went to a local beach and C put his new snorkeling gear to the test. That small head right of the middle is him. The water was cold but the kid was determined! 

E did a bit of splashing but decided to spend 3/4 of the time cuddled on my lap under a towel. 
We camped in the yard and learned that E thought hair bands make your hair actually grow longer. He doesn’t want long hair but did want a ponytail and overcame his fear of an explosive growth of hair and put in a hairband. His hair is still short, miraculously. 

C moved around, a lot. Camping was very exciting! 

I slept in the middle and they both curled close to me all night. E slept a bit later than C and was warm in his “cozy blanket”. 

Our library kicked off its summer reading program with a party and E enjoyed the cupcakes! 


We went to the state museum and C got a kick out of this gargoyle statue. 

E has played a lot of Lego. 

E sang while wearing my fancy shoes that he loves. 

C is delighted with insects still. Here he is with his June beetle family. 

The kids were in charge of Mother’s Day this year and they made me cards and pictures. E wrote “cat” and “Tiny Tails” and drew a cat.

We have of course been reading a lot lately.

E and I cuddled in the hammock.

He covered me in flowers.

Mother’s Day tea party at the library, something we love to do each year.

Our first ice cream cones this summer at our local place. 

Blanket forts! Lots of them. Allllll over the house πŸ˜‰ 

Drinking cereal milk from a bowl while swinging! 

This kid, getting long and lean now that he is 4.5 years old.

Fishing, Plays, and Writing

We went fishing with my sister at her neighborhood’s little pond.

Touching the fish was exciting! 

C caught one and helped my sister throw several back in. 

My sister also groomed our dog Sadie and later at home, I mentioned to Everett I still hadn’t paid her and needed to send her a check. He dashed off and later emerged with this picture of Sadie (left) and money (circle with person in it). Also, he wrote Sadie near the top after apparently practicing the letter a many many times. 😜

On Tuesday E arranged chairs in a half circle in the dining room, which inspired the kids to perform a play. Here’s the sign C taped to the ceiling: C and E are in this play.

E proceeded to perform, C stopped fairly quickly to watch his dance. 

More dancing.


E dashed off to write this “dun” sign just in case I wasn’t aware. He’s such a writer this week! 


This is the view when you stand in the kitchen: the woods in our backyard are turning very green!!! All windows point toward green. πŸ™‚

E wanted to let me know he’s a climber. This is C’s new office by the way. And E’s, his desk is relegated to that little closet shelf and chair. They cleared out all their toys, picked a few favorites, and told me to put the last bag of them in the basement. 

C doing school in his office. 

He drew a layout of his room. 

He also labeled his office. My favorite part is E crouching under the desk. πŸ˜†

Magnet clamped to a stool and nails hanging from it. Of course.

The hat down which you drop marshmallows and they fall through a tiny hole in the middle inside and plop on your head, surprising you with a treat! 

C asked me to be the boss and tell him to go to his office to do the work. So I did, and this is what he decided “the work” meant. 

E drew his favorite theme now: Harry Potter.