We went to the state museum and C got a kick out of this gargoyle statue. 

E has played a lot of Lego. 

E sang while wearing my fancy shoes that he loves. 

C is delighted with insects still. Here he is with his June beetle family. 

The kids were in charge of Mother’s Day this year and they made me cards and pictures. E wrote “cat” and “Tiny Tails” and drew a cat.

We have of course been reading a lot lately.

E and I cuddled in the hammock.

He covered me in flowers.

Mother’s Day tea party at the library, something we love to do each year.

Our first ice cream cones this summer at our local place. 

Blanket forts! Lots of them. Allllll over the house 😉 

Drinking cereal milk from a bowl while swinging! 

This kid, getting long and lean now that he is 4.5 years old.

Fishing, Plays, and Writing

We went fishing with my sister at her neighborhood’s little pond.

Touching the fish was exciting! 

C caught one and helped my sister throw several back in. 

My sister also groomed our dog Sadie and later at home, I mentioned to Everett I still hadn’t paid her and needed to send her a check. He dashed off and later emerged with this picture of Sadie (left) and money (circle with person in it). Also, he wrote Sadie near the top after apparently practicing the letter a many many times. 😜

On Tuesday E arranged chairs in a half circle in the dining room, which inspired the kids to perform a play. Here’s the sign C taped to the ceiling: C and E are in this play.

E proceeded to perform, C stopped fairly quickly to watch his dance. 

More dancing.


E dashed off to write this “dun” sign just in case I wasn’t aware. He’s such a writer this week! 


This is the view when you stand in the kitchen: the woods in our backyard are turning very green!!! All windows point toward green. 🙂

E wanted to let me know he’s a climber. This is C’s new office by the way. And E’s, his desk is relegated to that little closet shelf and chair. They cleared out all their toys, picked a few favorites, and told me to put the last bag of them in the basement. 

C doing school in his office. 

He drew a layout of his room. 

He also labeled his office. My favorite part is E crouching under the desk. 😆

Magnet clamped to a stool and nails hanging from it. Of course.

The hat down which you drop marshmallows and they fall through a tiny hole in the middle inside and plop on your head, surprising you with a treat! 

C asked me to be the boss and tell him to go to his office to do the work. So I did, and this is what he decided “the work” meant. 

E drew his favorite theme now: Harry Potter. 


We’ve been too busy lately and the kids are starting to show it. Must slow down now! C went with E to his yoga class at co-op and E actually stayed in there without me for the first time this school year. He just needs someone from his family nearby I suppose! 

When we made it home late afternoon we sat outside to read and play. The trees are getting so green and the lilac tree smells delightful. 

E was inside putting on his “bootsies” when he apparently decided our slowly disentegrating foyer tiles needed to be taken apart. I managed to put them all back in place except this area, which had crumbled. Looks like this project is moving up on our to do list! 

The kids in their hillside home, watching and talking to Tiny Tails. She’s hidden in there somewhere! 

Monday, Monday

We had poetry teatime Monday and read Emily Dickenson, which was fairly over the boy’s head but they enjoyed listening to the poems at least! At least C did, E kept piping up with random thoughts about everything in the world. Gotta love four year olds! 

This is C’s tea, with cream swirling in it. 

E also wanted a picture of his very creamy tea. 

C made us all a snack that afternoon of sliced, cored apples, yogurt to spread on top, and granola to sprinkle on. A healthy donut he says, inspired by a class we went to a couple of months ago. 

On Tuesday we went to the park with friends. C thoroughly enjoyed crossing the brook on all the fallen logs.

Later we sat in our yard and I read aloud from The Green Ember while C played with our cat Tiny Tails.

And while E gathered seed pods from the birch tree. He wants to collect them and be a scientist looking at them under the microscope. 

April Weekend

C is always making me sweet little bookmarks to use, which is good because I’m always losing them! 

C recently became reinterested in finger knitting with a lucet so he’s been making “scarves” for everyone. 😄

E changed his mind about going on an errand with me yesterday and drew me a picture instead: “Mama, actually I don’t want to go. But I made this picture to comfort you!” He ended up coming with me instead of the picture.

We brought home a new dresser for the kids and after cleaning and setting it up, lunch needed to be eaten, in the boys’ room of course! 

C was quite happy with the dresser. Now they can both reach all their clothes! We’ve had taller dressers for years which meant I needed to assist half the time with getting outfits. It’s not a pretty dresser but I have plans for it and it easily fits all their clothes (and the things from E’s treasure drawer!) 

C was thrilled with the set up and made his bed and carefully organized his bedside table. 

All E cared about was playing Harry Potter with his Lego. 😉 This is his new favorite thing in life. 

Holiday Park

We met some friends at the park for lunch and playing, then went for a hike.

The river was high but the kids were curious so we had to watch them closely and remind them how strong a current can be. They stayed close to shore! 

E wasn’t about to venture in! 

E did decide he should build a dam in this brook and quickly got C to help. 

It was slippery and muddy and then! Then!  C discovered a new “mud source” about 20 feet away! Which was great fun for half the kids while some watched with fascinated disgust. C was obviously not just watching. 

He asked me to document his slide down into the mud.

E abandoned the dam after a while and declared his intent to leave so he was quite happy when we finally headed out. His antlers and evil eyes in this shot are perfect. 

He really is quite harmless, I assure you! Most of the time….

C even had splatters on his face, hair, and mud caked on his back under his shirt. No wonder I keep spare clothes in the van.

After washing up at home, C set up a cookie party and we listened to audiobooks.

Block building and playing outside followed.